Visit Holland - The Netherlands

Top 10 cities in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has many cities and towns of interest to travellers. Below are the top 10 of the most notable ones....

Leeuwarden*   Amsterdam — impressive architecture, lovely canals (grachten), museums and liberal attitudes
*   Arnhem — green city on the Rhine: Sonsbeek, Veluwe and Meinerswijk, old quarters and mansions, cultural events
*   Delft — historic unspoiled town with the world-famous blue and white ceramics
*   Groningen — student city with a relaxed atmosphere and nightlife till the sun gets up
*   The Hague — the judicial capital of the world, the seat of government and the royal family
*   Leiden — historic student city with the country's oldest university and three national museums
*   Maastricht — fortified medieval city showing the different culture, style and architecture of the south
*   Nijmegen — oldest city of the country, known for its marches, left-wing politics and large student population
*   Rotterdam — modern architecture, good nightlife, vibrant art scene and the largest port of Europe
*   Utrecht — historic centre, antique stores and the Rietveld-Schröder House
*   Leeuwarden — the city has lots of history to offer, plus an insight in the proud local culture of the Frisians