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Efteling with Vogelrok (Birdrok) and streetview

Efteling is the largest theme park in the Netherlands and one of the oldest theme parks in the world. Efteling is located in the town of Kaatsheuvel, in the municipality of Loon op Zand. It has received over 100 million visitors. One of the attractions is Bird Rok. The name of the ride, Bird Rok, refers to the adventure of Sinbad and the Bird Roc from the 1001 Arabian Nights; the extensive theming covers, beside the ride, the building and the queue line.

The building has as a frontage a giant colorful Roc, the largest bird in Europe, according to the Guinness Book of Records. In the opening year there weren’t a lot of effects in the ride, and the link between the story and the ride wasn’t very clear. Since then a Serpent’s mouth has been added at the end of the ride, which lights up as the train goes through it. There used to be a laser-light-show at the queue, but that has been removed. This was done because the lights were too low, and people would look at them, thereby damaging their eyes. In 2007, more themed decorations were added.
The Ride
Lasers project over the train as it climbs the lift-hill and seen to the left are four Rocs flying off. In a strong curve down leftwards the train dives towards the ground and several more curves bring the train through a tunnel of lasers. The train then falls into a helix and goes through a Serpent’s mouth, which lights up as the train passes through it. The last curve is decorated with fiber optic lights, portraying the diamond treasure. Apparent wind-effects stimulate the ride-experience. The ride has an onboard sound system with a synchronized soundtrack written by composer Ruud Bos, who also wrote the musical themes for Dreamflight, Fata Morgana and Villa Volta.