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Determined and innovative. Apenheul opened with primates at large in 1971. This was soon to be followed by great apes living on cleverly designed islands.

This was revolutionary for man and animal alike. Visitors can meet the primates directly, living in a natural environment where they can be themselves.

The primates at Apenheul act as ambassadors for their wild relatives. the goal here is to pass on a love of nature.

Apenheul foundation
Apenheul is a foundation. They are not subsidized and are completely dependant on visitors for the income.

The mission
The Apenheul foundation is an idealistic organization, dedicated heart and soul to primates and their natural habitat.

Apenheul as a company
To achieve the goals Apenheul employs more than 60 permanent members of staff. During the season in which Apenheul is open to the public.They are assisted by many seasonal and part-time employees.

Apenheul puts conservation into practice, initiating and supporting several projects worldwide through the nature conservation fund (APCT).

De St@art
De St@art is a magnificent, sustainable conference location, which can hold up to 300 people. Fantastic in combination with a visit to Apenheul!

Knowledge centre
Apenheul is a specialized zoo and has a reputation as expert on primates with good reason.
Years of experience and research at the zoo have provided a wealth of information. Information which we are always happy to share with other zoos and conservationists.