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Watertaxi Rotterdam

Watertaxi Rotterdam is a great company that takes care of ferries between Hotel New York, the Veerhaven and the Leuvehaven since 1994. In 1994, Hotel New York took the initiative to improve the accessibility of the hotel significantly.

They used the opportunity to get from the center of Rotterdam to the Wilhelminapier in a few minutes by crossing the river using the traditional watertaxies. At the time of the millennium change, Watertaxi Rotterdam also found oneself on new waters. The former part of Hotel New York became a partnership with big plans. Fast maastaxies were added to the fleet, which made the possibilities of travelling over water increase significantly. By that time, Watertaxi Rotterdam also got its own base station for its boats. Our home became a floating boathouse, located at the head of the Wilhelminapier. Initially it was designed as a small cafe, where people could order watertaxies. Meanwhile, we got rid of the catering section and is our home located here. Feel free to walk in and ask for information, or for purchasing very original gift coupons. At our office, you can pay using a Dutch bank card. Unfortunately, we can’t accept creditcards. Next to our office, we have a very own workshop for technical services. Because North- and South-Rotterdam are seperated by the Nieuwe Maas, is our metropole ideally suitable for transport over water. High-speed, jam-free and spectacularly we take across staff, tourists, families, mayors, secretaries, celebrities, the kings and queens, but also average Joe, couples and schoolkids from A to B.